Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crazy Brucie's

I want to sell off some wheels and have no idea how to set prices. At work we pull prices for products out or our butt. Manual-rectal retrieval.

Don't wanna screw anybody, 'specially myself.

The point of selling off unused wheels, apart from making room in the cellar, is to buy some lighter, spiffier wheels for the Surly winter bike. I'd like to do some trail/off-road stuff and want stout wheels that can take fat tyres but not add too much weight to an already portly bike-rider combo.

What ya think?

Anybody but GeWilli read this thing?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Skeleton Brakes

I'm not sold on the mega-ultra-PeterTork crank set Campy is selling. It looks klugy to me and I bet the fred shade tree mechanics will figger out all sorts of ways to screw it up.

Their new brake design is Exta-klugy. Looks like a step back into the CNC age. I wonder if they will anodize them graple.