Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ain't that bad

Sb noted that I have been a bit morose lately. Sorry about that. Things really are pretty good. Work is work. Nothing terrible but no worse than usual. Having a sick pet is a drag but generally home life is very good. Weight loss is still progressing. I have quite a bit to feel good about.

Not sure why I have been coming off as a grouch. I do struggle with the change of seasons. When the days get shorter I just seem to lose interest in anything other than eating and sleeping. I have been trying to get some exercise in to even me out.

We do have a few things coming up that will be fun. We are going to London in two weeks for the Patriots' game then off to Lancashire and Yorkshire for a few days.

We had a real nice ride a few weeks ago on the Air Line Trail in CT.

Last winter wasn't nearly as bad as some past years. I kept the exercise times up around 2 hours a week and it helped a lot. I hope I can stave off the blues this year too. According to Solo I have not started off well.

We'll see.