Monday, July 30, 2007

Open Wheel Wednesday

Any of you boys in? Solo? Willi?

My Uncle is the title sponsor for this and we're getting a couple of tix.

Seekonk’s Open Wheel Wednesday Rescheduled For August 29
Todd Baptista

Seekonk Speedway assistant manager David Alburn announced today that the 1/3-mile Bay State oval’s Open Wheel Wednesday program which fell victim to rain on July 18, has been rescheduled in its entirety for Wednesday evening, August 29, at 7 PM.

“We’ve heard from people from all over the Northeast, fans and competitors alike, in the week since the event was rained out,” Alburn explains. “The overwhelming consensus was that they wanted the show to go on exactly the way it had been planned on a future Wednesday night.” After meeting with officials from the True Value Modified Racing Series, Northeastern Midget Association, and Pro Four Modified Series, a deal was finalized late Wednesday.

The fastest and fiercest competitors in northeastern Modified racing circles are expected to converge upon the Route 6 facility for the third annual Open Wheel Wednesday program, featuring the Viveiros Insurance-sponsored 100 green flag lap Modified Madness event, an open competition race paying $10,000 to the winner. Last July, forty-two competitors from nine states attempted to qualify for the 26-car race, which carries a purse in excess of $31,000.

Among the drivers who have pre-registered for this year’s Modified Madness show are former NASCAR weekly series national champion Ted Christopher, veteran front-runner Jerry Marquis, third generation ace Bobby Santos III, Mike Stefanik, Matt Hirschman, Tommy Cravenho, Vinnie Annarummo, and Dick Houlihan. Others who have pre-registered include Eric Beers, Richard Savary, former Seekonk winners Louie Mechalides and Andy Seuss, Chris and Carl Pasteryak, Jimmy Kuhn, Jr., and defending race winner Kirk Alexander of West Swanzey, NH. Qualifying heats and a B-main will set the lineup for the 100 lap affair.

The Northeastern Midget Association and Pro Four Modified Racing Series will also compete in qualifying heats and 25-lap features. The pit area will open at 1 PM on race day with Modified inspections beginning at 1:30 and practice for all divisions running from 2 to 6 PM. Qualifying begins at 7 PM. Grandstand admission is $18 for adults, $5 for juniors ages 13 through 15, and free for children 12 and under. Pit admission is $30. The speedway campgrounds will be open for overnight campers beginning on Tuesday evening, August 28. For more information, contact the speedway office at (508)-336-9959 or visit online at

Dr. Franke

So is this dude straight up or a nutter yodeling in the dark?

Fromt teh Daily Herald in Oz:

LEADING German expert in the fight against doping yesterday claimed to have evidence indicating that Tour de France winner Alberto Contador had used drugs.

Twenty-four hours after the Spaniard donned the winner's yellow jersey on the Champs Elysees, expert Werner Franke described the 24-year-old's victory as "the greatest swindle in sporting history".

Franke bases his claim on documents he says are in his possession from the Spanish police's Operation Puerto inquiry into Eufemiano Fuentes, the doctor said to have masterminded doping programs for athletes.

"The name of this Mr Contador appears on several occasions on the court and police documents," Franke told German television station ZDF.

"All of this has been simply concealed and hidden under the carpet whilst the name Contador was erased from the list of supicious riders."

Franke claims to have a detailed list of banned products used by Contador, which appear in sworn statements following the raid on Fuentes' medical practice.

"He took insulin, HMG-Lepori, a hormone to stimulate the secretion of testosterone and also a product for asthma called TGN - in brief I have before my eyes a protocol for doping," he told ZDF.
"All of this has been covered up, at least in Spain."
Contador, who inherited the lead in the Tour de France last week after Michael Rasmussen's expulsion in a row over missed random drug tests, denied he'd had any links with Fuentes' drugs program.

Speaking after Saturday's penultimate time-trial in Angouleme about why his name had been linked to Fuentes he said: "I was in the wrong team at the wrong time and somehow my name got among the documents, but the UCI corrected the mistake and now I've got no link to Puerto."

Among the cyclists associated with Fuentes was Jan Ullrich, the former Tour de France winner.
Meanwhile, disgraced rider Alexander Vinokourov has been sacked by his Astana team following his positive test for blood doping on the Tour de France, the team announced yesterday.
"Astana Cycling Team received confirmation that Alexander Vinokourov's B sample was 'non negative'," the Swiss team said.

"Consequently, the Kazakh rider has been sacked by Astana cycling team with immediate effect."

Vinokourov tested positive for blood doping following his victory in a time trial in Albi on July 21.
He left the race last Tuesday and as a result of the positive test, the Astana team were invited by Tour organisers Amaury Sport Organisation to pull out.
Vinokourov, winner of last year's Tour of Spain, denies doping. If found guilty he faces a two-year ban and according to the International Cycling Union's anti-doping charter will have to pay a fine equal to a year's salary.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dady, read me a story

This one's for Willi.

Forget the little weirdo and his purple crayon and those annoying ducklings. Really, who says goodnight to everything in the room? Freak.

Mike and May Anne. That's a good read.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cat Hearding

I just can't leave well enough alone. I got tired of trying to keep the short leash on the la Prov Blvd. ride and quit going, opting instead for the NBW SoCo Tuesday Night Ride. It is usually a smallish group but still gets ragged.

I wanted a nice even ride so I offered to set the pace all night last night. 1.75 hours just rolling along. No attacks or spastic riding allowed. JT and I were in the small rings all night the rest were in the big meat all night.

It turned out very well. I had to no no wrangling. All behaved and had a good time. I just don't know how you can spend a couple of hours in the big ring never going more than 18mph...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Free Lunch

A handwritten sign appeared on the bulletin board here at Deathnic this morning. This sign announces that at 12:15 the company will provide lunch for all employees.

We used to get fed on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. We also used to get bonuses and raises...

Why lunch now? Speculation is rampant. Is it good news? Is it bad news? Is it just lunch?


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let's make the water turn black

So, I haven’t slept too well lately and this usually leads to very strange and vivid dreams. Yesterday I awoke mid-dream, just before coming to the dream featured a cirque du soleil style performance set to Frank Zappa’s “Let’s Make the Water Turn Black”. For over 50 hours now that song has been playing in my head. All during last night’s ride gems like, “Ronnie saves his numies on a window in his room, (A marvel to be seen: dysentery green)” were buzzing around in there.

For those who are curious, here are the rest of the lyrics:

"Now believe me when I tell you that my song is really true
I want everyone to listen and believe
It's about some little people from a long time ago
And all the things the neighbors didn't know
Early in the morning
Daddy Dinky went to work
Selling lamps & chairs to San Ber'dino squares
And I still remember Mama with her apron & her pad
Feeding all the boys at Ed's Cafe!

Whizzing & pasting & pooting through the day
(Ronnie helping Kenny helping burn his poots away!)
And all the while on a shelf in the shed:

Ronnie saves his numies on a window in his room
(A marvel to be seen: dysentery green)
While Kenny & his buddies had a game out in the back:

We see them after school in a world of their own
To some it might seem creepy what they do...)
The neighbors on the right sat & watched them every night
(I bet you'd do the same if they was you)

Whizzing & pasting & pooting through the day
(Ronnie helping Kenny helping burn his poots away!)
And all the while on a shelf in the shed:

Ronnie's in the Army now & Kenny's taking pills
Oh! How they yearn to see a bomber burn!
Color flashing, thunder crashing, dynamite machine!
(Wait till the fire turns green...wait till the fire turns green)

I need a nap.

While Kenny & his buddies had a game out in the back:LET'S MAKE THE WATER TURN BLACK

Monday, July 09, 2007

Seekonk Speedway

The missus and me made a trip down Rt. 6 to see the races Saturday night.

Mrs. B had resisted going to the ‘konk. She thought it would be cheesy and grubby. It was and she loved it.

The crowd was as entertaining as the racing. Quite a show.

Mrs. B even found herself enjoying the races and picking favorites to cheer for.

Next time maybe we can get some skinny bike racers to come along.