Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

So Long Big Bird

I saw Fidrych pitch for Pawtucket during his come back bid about 1982. The Columbus starter was a rehabbing Dave Righetti. It was an electric night and a real pitcher's duel. Bird never made it back to the big leagues but he was the "Bird" of old that night.

Via con Dios, Mark.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

G.S. Wheelpeople

As some of you may know BikeReg had a hardware issue a few weeks ago and requested that recent customers verify their registration to make sure nothing was lost.

I had registered for D2R2 and half jokingly entered my team name as "Hope & Anchor", a side project that never really got started. When the problem hit I guess the team info was lost. Both Veg (also registered as H&A) and I had no team listed the next time I perused the rider list for familiar names.

I check yesterday to see if my friend John had committed yet and saw that next to my name was listed Narragansett Bay Wheelmen. I did not tell them that. I have been in the NBW on and off since 1984 but never raced under their banner (they used to be the parent club of the old RI Velo Club).

At the Jamestown race you will see some folks registered as NBW and at a lot of Randonees and UltraCycling events there are NBW riders (I guess we are a recognized club for these organizations). But that aside, I am curious as to how they knew I am a Wheelpeople and how it showed up on the list.

(The above photo is of two of our long time members Bob and Lee, and newer rider Jan at the rear. Bob, with the red helmet, is a Vietnam vet, retired postal worker, world traveler and all around great guy.)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Banana Jr. 6000

I have decided I want to get rid of the Sigma BC1200 on my go slightly faster bike. I bought a CatEye Mighty 8 on clearance for my Soma and it seem needlessly complex.

I want settings for two tyre sizes and the basics. No cadence, no ambient temperature, no altitude or angle on incline.

Easy to set up, easy to see and figure out.

Any suggestions?

Anybody still look at this thing?