Thursday, May 25, 2006

My second fifteen minutes of fame has been postponed.

I was scheduled to tape a public access show yesterday promoting National Trails Day & cycling. I was, along with a DOT representative, going to be on a show hosted by a local legend (86 years old) and we were booked by another local legend and bike path advocate (82 years old). Well 168 years of life experience is a wonderful thing and both men have made their mark on the Rhode Island landscape but the all that living has taken a toll on the memory banks.

We arrived to a dark studio and our camera operator rushing off to shoot a local town financial meeting. Our 86-year-old host had forgotten that we were coming. We had to cancel. The taping schedule at the cable company will not allow for getting it shot and on air before Trails Day, June 3.

I wasn’t really looking forward to the taping but I had taken the time out of work and figured I’d do my best. I felt bad for G who had put the thing together. The East Bay Bike Path exists due in no small part to his efforts and it meant a lot to him. He was very disappointed. We drowned our sorrows in a couple of Del’s and he perked up a bit.

We may give it a try again as a retrospective on the event.

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