Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Update

On Saturday I hung around with some folks even nerdier than wheelspeople. Radio Hams!

The local radio club set up at Hunt's Mills in EP for field day. All geeked up to cq as many other radio nerdz as were to be had.

Nice folks but not too impressed with an SWL.

I rode the Surly over to their encampment while they were setting up Saturday morning. I was surprised to see how automated Hams had become. A lot of computer tuners and a signal finder dealie that kept casting out cqs to a minimum. I was pleased to see so many folks still interested in cw or Morse code operation. As a kid I could never get the hang of it, so couldn’t pass my radio license test.

Saturday afternoon I caught up with AVH my best friend from prepdom. Still digesting the experience.

My wrist hurt from actually doing physical work on Saturday so I didn’t ride Sunday. I cannot hold onto the bars without significant pain.

Sunday was the Cox race. Nice afternoon out. Saw Hutch, an old URI mate, and Willi as well as Jimmy.


solobreak said...

Once upon a time there was a radio club that did all the marshalling at Bow. I always thought it was a good idea and tried to get my club to pay off the Boy Scouts, CAP, or some similar group to handle the job at our races. But our guys are too cheap and would rather have inattentive club members shooting the shit while we race through cars. These groups that do the emergency civil stuff are perfect; they get to direct traffic and wear orange vests, and get free coffee and subs. At Gloucester they had some paramilitary high schoolers in red berets directing traffic. It was awesome.

Il Bruce said...

Before cell phones we had hams keeping track of riders and sags on our club century. They had no interest at all in bikes but loved being useful.

My ham radio class, taken around 1976, was taught by a prominent bike shop owner.

veloandvino said...

It is always good to see you. Wish I had some kinda sprint in these get away sticks. Heading to Nationals...