Monday, October 15, 2007


The KC crew seems to have a good handle on the cross natz this year.

They managed to have their website up month, not days, before the event. There is event merchandise available. There is a clear and easy way to sign up to volunteer.

They hired "King Dickie" Fries as announcer though... Curious.


What I Think said...

What, don't you love King Dick?

Il Bruce said...

I preferred Dick Ring.

What I Think said...

At least Dick Ring is announcing up at the track. And I won't feel obligated to go to cross nats this year since it's not so close! (I nearly brought earplugs to Gloucester.)

Il Bruce said...

My first interation with Richard was at Interbike in 2003.

I was with his CCB mafia pals Pooch & EddyO and he just looked right through me.

I put in a lot of time at nats the past two years adn still seemd to have earned his distain.

I ran into Dick Ring at Gloucester a few years ago and after a minute of thought he pulled me from his memory banks. I was never a memorable rider.

YOu coming down for the RI races in Dec? Mrs. M and I'll buy you a beverage at the Mews.