Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's a Girl!

If your kid does sports it’s never too early to talk to them about the danger of drugs and “supplements”.

Tammy Thomas was an Olympic cyclist who was banned for life for steroid use. Then she got caught in the same Balco deal that is looming over Barry Bonds. Thomas is the first one of the Balco athletes to go to trial. (Started yesterday).

See story here:

A photo of Thomas while she was competing:

A photo taken last week at pre-trial hearings:

Yes, it really is the same woman. It remains to be seen what long term effects the drugs will have on her. Another cyclist busted for steroid use (long before anybody ever heard of EPO) Cindy Olavarri has had long term joint issues and a permanent voice change.

Unintentional cheating is also in the news. Hammer Nutrition (Available at Whole Foods!) is being sued by a number of elite athletes that were contracted to use their products. It seems that some products were contaminated with a banned anabolic steroid.

Read story here:

Keep an eye on what your kids are doing as well as what you put in your own body to get you through a tough club ride.


Anonymous said...
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Zoo said...

I find it very hard to believe that a company like Hammer Nutrition would allow contamination like this of their products. From the sound of it she's telling a bullshit story to cover up what really happened. Similar to the whole "I tested positive because of the alcohol." :P