Tuesday, March 31, 2009


14.3 hours on the bike
4.2 hours on the RevMaster

Well below what Coach Buddy recommended but I still feel pretty good about it.

Coming from the place I was at over the autumn this is pretty good. I have lost 8 pounds since Jan 1. I am starting to feel comfortable on the bike and this week I have been able to get in a ride without my heart rate getting sky high.

Still a long way to go but at leas I'm enjoying riding a bike again.

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solobreak said...

It's a start anyway. And it was cold out. No holidays in the month either. I only got twice as much as you did, so you're not far off. You must get 30 hours outdoors in April though. That means either long rides on the weekends or more outings during the week. 20x1.5 still means 10 days off. If 4 of them are 3 hours, that builds quite a cushion for shortening the rest.