Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Lost a Bike

My new bike and I together now weigh about (within half a pound) what I weighed in January.

Bike above mostly the same except for Chorus 11sp not SRAM Red.


solobreak said...

Pretty grouchy for a dude with a new $7000 bike. Sheesh.

Maybe you should drop an extra grand and get that thing painted in Portuguese National Champion colors. And get a water dog too while you're at it, cat boy.


Il Bruce said...

Actually I'm pretty happy. Got a very good doctor's report Thursday.

Down more weight than I though. Gotta new bike to ride.

I am stressed out a lot about work and one of our cats is very sick. We have to try to get him in for a steroid shot but he's so freaked out by th elast visit he won't get near us.

solobreak said...

Sorry to hear that. When I used to have to turn this place into a cat motel on weekends, if the guest escaped into the crawl space an open can of tuna was always enough to lure him out.

solobreak said...

So did you ride that f'n thing this weekend, or was it too hot?

Il Bruce said...

I rode an hour and a half Saturday and realized I need to raise the saddle, Which by the way is awful, a Specialized Toupe. Am I allowed to put my Brooks on a crabon fibre bike?

I rode a little over 2 hours Sunday. Hilly NBW ride. I like the bike but the reach is long. I think I'll need a shorter stem and to lower the bars to take weigh off the keister.

I moved the saddle forward and it helped but I am sore this morning. This is the first saddle that has ever given me any trouble