Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ain't that bad

Sb noted that I have been a bit morose lately. Sorry about that. Things really are pretty good. Work is work. Nothing terrible but no worse than usual. Having a sick pet is a drag but generally home life is very good. Weight loss is still progressing. I have quite a bit to feel good about.

Not sure why I have been coming off as a grouch. I do struggle with the change of seasons. When the days get shorter I just seem to lose interest in anything other than eating and sleeping. I have been trying to get some exercise in to even me out.

We do have a few things coming up that will be fun. We are going to London in two weeks for the Patriots' game then off to Lancashire and Yorkshire for a few days.

We had a real nice ride a few weeks ago on the Air Line Trail in CT.

Last winter wasn't nearly as bad as some past years. I kept the exercise times up around 2 hours a week and it helped a lot. I hope I can stave off the blues this year too. According to Solo I have not started off well.

We'll see.


solobreak said...

Are you bringing a bike to England? Renting a tandem?

Il Bruce said...

We will be taking the air while walking in the Yorkshire Dales.

Not much to do up there but hike, ride and drink. We will be walking and drinking.

I do want to get over with the pushies one day

If I hit the lotto it's the End to End ride for me.