Thursday, November 16, 2006

Grand Funding

The RI Sports Council, a state funded organization, has contacted the Club regarding an event they are “supporting”. This event will be a RACE! According to the events director of RISC it is definitely a race not a ride.

It is being promoted, run, foisted, by an organization called Velo USA. There will be 6 divisions, and 800 riders. They want a 120-130 mile parcouse. (In lil’Rhody) According to RISC they are applying for a USAC permit. Hmmm….

The RISC is looking for our support. They are not being specific about what they mean by that. I have been named point person for all interaction between Velo USA/RISC and the Club.

I have doubts as to whether these people have any idea as to what they are proposing. They want to have it on the same weekend as Gary Dalton’s Cox Charities race in Providence. The Club has historically supported the Providence race and I’m not pleased about possible conflicting events.

I have never hear of Velo USA and the RISC seems to be a group of politicians looking for economic development based on bringing sporting events (mainly golfing) to RI. Anybody have any history with these entities?

Il B

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