Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The CAN!

From projo.com

"Former Red Sox pitcher Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, left, acts as an election recount observer for his father-in-law, Isadore Ramos, candidate for East Providence's council-at-large seat. Stephanie Brelsford, a Board of Elections worker, feeds ballots from the Rumford Towers precinct into the voting machine. The recount showed Isadore leading Mayor Joseph Larisa Jr. by 16 votes. Larisa had requested the recount."

My mayor to be is the Can's father in law. I love Rhode Island.

il Bruce


gewilli said...

so that would mean... me too?

crazy man... crazy..

Who's the Can anyway


Il Bruce said...

The Can was pitcher for the Sawx in the 80s.

He tried a come back this year with the Brockton Rox.


He used to be spotted around EP. I never saw him myself.