Monday, July 09, 2007

Seekonk Speedway

The missus and me made a trip down Rt. 6 to see the races Saturday night.

Mrs. B had resisted going to the ‘konk. She thought it would be cheesy and grubby. It was and she loved it.

The crowd was as entertaining as the racing. Quite a show.

Mrs. B even found herself enjoying the races and picking favorites to cheer for.

Next time maybe we can get some skinny bike racers to come along.


solobreak said...

The 18th looks like a good one but I'll be at WMSR. Aug 25 also looks good, but that is the night of D2R2. I guess we'll just have to make a regular show. I'm looking forward to the grilled chourico.

gewilli said...


that's what ya want...

and solo - ya got a posse for the D2R2?

gewilli said...

wait - 25th? damn