Friday, August 17, 2007

Wierd Stuff Happening ar Reed's House

From the BloJo:

Bird deaths in Barrington draw a $1,000 reward
BARRINGTON -- Defenders of Animals today said it would pay $1,000 to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for the bizarre deaths of at least 15 birds at a birdhouse on Humphreys Road.
Some type of spray adhesive was apparently used in the case, said Dennis Tabella, the organization's director. "After traces of residue were found around the birdhouse, there is no doubt that this was a deliberate and sick act by an individual (or individuals) that need to be identified," he said.
The remains of the birds were discovered Aug. 4 on the ground near the large cedar birdhouse, which can hold eight nests and resembles a UFO with spikes.
Owner Reed Caster said the clear substance, which never seems to dry, was apparently sprayed up into the roof of the birdhouse. It continues to coat the inside of the roof and the foliage beneath it. He said he hopes the Department of Environmental Management, which is investigating the case, can identify the substance.
"Apparently something was sprayed and some wings stuck together," said Tabella. "I know there are sprays to glue things down at photo and copying places, but this sounds like something really strange."
"It's terrific someone would put up a reward. That's great," Caster said. "It was such a stupid act."
-- Journal staff writer C. Eugene Emery Jr.


gewilli said...

probably the same ah-dumb-bond ass wipes who have orgasmic experiences shaking mute swan eggs and putting em back...

the birds is prolly some invasive English Sparrow... and thus the ENEMY of all "native" birds...

Il Bruce said...

The State of RI does a lot of Swan egg addling.

They are considered a pest by many. Other than the poop they are OK by me.