Friday, August 31, 2007

PawSox Win!

Went to the Pawtucket Red Sox game last night with the splinter sect bike club. We had a lot of fun. What an entertainment bargain. $10.00 reserved seats. Pints of Smiddick's $5.50. $2.75 for a huge order of fries.

Wednesday night we went to Uncle Joe's Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk Speedway. Another cheap night out (for me & the missus). Comped tix and buffet.

We even had a couple of predominant NE cyclobloggers, who prefer to remain anonymous, in attendance.

After a slow summer we seem to be cramming all our outings into the last few weeks of the season.

Almost time for Hockey Night.


gewilli said...

ah heck i was there - it is the other wanker who wants to be annon

what - couldn't get comp tix for us?

cheap bastard

ah hell it was fun tho worth the price of admission - very grateful for the invi and the access to the vip tent...



Il Bruce said...

I tried to get tickets but they were all gone. Too bad, because as you could see, there were quite a few no-shows.

Free food and ameripiss beer though. Could be worse.

Belated B-day greeting to ya.