Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Big River Management Area

People that know il Bruce in the real world know that I am not much of a cyclist any longer but while organizing my once yearly mountain bike ride I was informed that my trail of choice was unavailable.

The Big River area is state designated open space. A water shed area it was taken by eminent domain to be made into a reservoir. RI being RI it ran into political trouble and now contains a soon to be redundant Amgen plant and golf course because both these endeavours use little water and are ecologically friendly.

Evidently now that all of the residential tenants have moved out they closed all the entrances to try to stop illegal dumping. They are also keeping out mountain bikers, hikers and hunters. I contacted RI DEM and they responded that nobody had told them it was chained off and that the RI Sate Water Board managed the and to contact them. I did. Although the responded to my email within a couple of hours nobody was sure what the deal is.

They hope to have an answer for me Friday.

It would be a shame to lose a great area like Big River. I know the NEMBA cult has done a lot to keep the place tidy (cleaning up after hunters it seems).

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