Monday, November 05, 2007


What a colossal fuck up.

They have completely fucked the I95 south exit. No fucking room. Every time ther is amerge they drop a lane. Typical RIDOT and their pointy headed low rent engineers.

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Il Bruce said...

From today's ProJo:

"DOT hopes to solve Iway problems with signs
The state Department of Transportation has a low-tech solution to the traffic problems that coincided with the first weekday traffic on the IWay bridge.

Take a different route.

The jam was not on the new bridge, it was a result of traffic from Route 95 south merging with Route 195 east. Frank Corrao III, DOT deputy chief engineer, wants commuters coming from the city to merge using 95 northbound, so they can drive over the IWay bridge, where traffic was light.

“A lot of individuals who work in the jewelry district, Davol Square and the Rhode Island Hospital complex, they all try to go down Point Street to Wickenden Street and get on the highway there,” according to Corrao.

But they could take side streets to the Allens or Thurbers Avenues entrances, bypassing the old merge and using the new bridge, instead.

Drivers often need some help adjusting to a new traffic pattern, Corrao said, so the state will try to help by putting signs up pointing to alternate routes before tonight’s commute.

“Whenever you do a major traffic pattern change, we do expect and anticipate that there’s going to be some congestion,” Corrao said. “As people see what’s going on, they begin to change their routes or driving behavior. That plus us providing some signage, will go a long way.”

Longer term fixes include lengthening acceleration lanes on 195 East."

This dude has gots to go.