Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tip of the Iceberg?

So it seems that the Chinese Olympic team is messing with the ages of their female gymnasts. A reverse Danny Almonte situation.

Bring the cynic I am, I was expecting a raft of sketchy behaviour from the host nation. Their win at all costs coming out party just seemed to offer so much temptation to cheat. I was pleasantly surprised that there have been no signs of doped Chinese swimmers, cyclists, or anybody else. I thought hoped that they were just taking advantage of enthusiasm and superb athletes. Nothing fishy like the mountain bikers who still wear underpants under their skin suits.

Then along comes He Kexin who may be as much as three years too young to compete. A Chinese government website noted last year that she was 13. The site has been removed. Now her official birth date is January 1, 1992. Olympic rules state that a female gymnast must be 16 during the Olympic year. Not too fishy.

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