Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Time to...

I don’t mind change in most cases. Time marches on. What does bother me is manufactured image change. “New Look Packaging!” touted along with “Same Quality Product”.

New England grocery store chain Stop and Shop has ditched its iconic traffic light logo for a stylized fruit bowl. I guess sister company Giant has also adopted the logo.

I’m sure it will save on advertising and store brand labeling costs but Stop & Shop like Dunkin Donuts is a New England original and its iconography is a big part of local culture.

On the Cape and need chips? The stores are ubiquitous in New England most bigger towns will have an S&S. Market saturation is pretty good. There are the same old players, Shaw’s/Star Market and the emerging Hannaford’s and Big Y. I just don’t see the reasoning behind such a drastic change to a local icon.


Murat Altinbasak said...

There's a new S&S on route 5/113, which on some days, is on my ride home from work. The new 'identity' hints at the possibility that the interior of the store is a little more welcoming, but I doubt it.
Ever been to a Wegmans supermarket? They are hands down the best- Even whole foods is a pile of puke next to a Wegmans.
There's a Trader Joes opening on Route 2 very soon, across from Chipotle.

Il Bruce said...

I used to shop at TJ's a lot years ago when I had a gf in Boston.

I stay away from Rt 2 though....