Monday, October 20, 2008

London Shame

Today is the first day back at Deathnic Inc after a week off.

We spent most of last week in NY. We went to Niagara Falls and hung out at a great bar in T-burg. Visited with family. Very nice.

We came home Thursday to find the builders still effing about with our deck and porch. It’s taken them 2 full days to install a sliding door and it’s still not framed up.

We escaped the mess Sunday and went to the Canton Cup cyclocross race. Kinda disappointing. There were no spectators to speak of and the elite fields were very small. The highlight of the day was hanging with NegaCoach after the race. We had a nice dinner and a few beers.

I think I had 5 pints of Fuller’s London Pride and I as am hung over as I’ve been in a long time. No headache but still groggy and blah, I’m glad I had a designated driver. We had a nice time. Nega is fun guy to bench race and share some social lubricant with.

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solobreak said...

I couldn't remember if it was four or five rounds, but then I did recall that I was drinking 20's so it didn't matter. I was pleased to have no headache, but the day was still pretty much spent in a London Fog. Good time.