Friday, September 07, 2007

Touchy Phreds

OK. I am a bad guy for commenting, after yet another serious crash on a club ride, that some of us could use to work on NOT FALLING OFF.

Why do these middle aged phreds think they are good riders just because they can occasionally get through a 30 mile ride without ending up under a pickup.

I see all these people, death grip on the bars, elbows locked, wobbling down the road and veering into traffic. When I say something I am accused of slandering people. I am accused of not knowing what I am talking about. These people have been riding less than 5 years!

At the risk of riling Solobuddy, what ever happend to the the good old days when people would pay attetion to their riding not just dump money on it?

Effin A. As a kid I'd ride with Ted (smart like tractor) Lewendowski, Mike Rounds, Dave Kellogg, Ted Furtado, Doug Poole, Dixon Wilde, on a Sunday and I'd pay attention to what they told me. Now when you tell a person that you are passing you are "showing them up" on their Personal Journey.

I'm gonna put the bike away for a while and go play with my guns.


solobreak said...

You're getting old Brucie... and so are the people you ride with. They are not used to taking advice and listening to anyone, because if they're doing well enough to afford a new Madone, they must know everything, right?

They miss something by not racing. Racing is humbling. Humble people are better listeners. These guys don't race (unless of course, some woman passes them out on the road...), because they don't want to be humbled.

gewilli said...

read this at bike snob

somewhat applicable.

To add to what wise old solo said, these folks need to be students of the sport not entitlement elitest i ride cause Lance is god kinda stuff.

The BLVD ride was good for a confined activity when you could yell at the morons for doing something wrong in hopes that they would learn.

but sadly these folks buy a bike, go ride with a group, get suggestions on what to do what not to do and then spend a year riding alone and come back like they've won the fahking tour...

The only thing i can think to say is, write a book. Write a book/article that they might read and learn from. Tell em what they are doing wrong, tell em why they keep crashing, tell em how to improve. If ya do it en mass maybe they will get it. Cause individually they just look like a bunch of fahking steamers when ya rattle them around: all clammed up.

Il Bruce said...

I wrote an essay. That's what got me reamed. Only by a few though. Genreal responce is good. It's the personal attacks that irk me.

He said I insulted the woman who crashed and that I had no rioght or experience to off the advice.

Oh well.

What are you boys up to Oct 6?

One way off road ride to the Willimantic brew pub from western RI. Arrange your own ride home...

Did it last year it was freakin brill.

solobreak said...

Oct 7 is the Pinnacle Challenge, so I'll probably be up there pre-riding the course this year, although I'll need to find a place to stay...

gewilli said...

yeah - what - seriously bruce how long have you been riding? and that colnago isn't really that anniversary edition c50 is it? you can't be any good if you bike doesn't cost 10 grand...

dish it back out and tell that fool to go suck a presta valve

Il Bruce said...

I responded to the fellow and haven't heard back. General feedback has been OK.

Wait until they see the TFCE tshirts I ordered. On Sunday 2000 rders will get handed a shirt that'll make them look like DOT (non)workers. That's right mofo PeralIzumi phred SAFETY YELLOW!

Gonna shoot some stuff this weekend. That'll be fun.

gwadzilla said...

there are people you respected
and there were people who were scrapping for respect

not just on the bike
all around us