Friday, September 21, 2007

The Big E

Me and Mrs. M are off to the Eastern States Exposition Saturday.
Not sure why I want to go. Might be fun. Last time I went Otter Creek was set up in the VT building. I enjoyed that.


gewilli said...

awe comeon...

make the trip in the other direction to Eco-Cross at the farm! Great racing... and Harpoon will have a nice beer tent! $10 a pint glass... refill as much as you want...

My wife went up there to work the J&W booth in the RI bld... had interesting things to say about the place

Il Bruce said...

Liz used to work the E with the manor when she was there.

It's a big red necked, tacky, smelly fair. Plus I already bought the tickets.

I haven't been to the cape in YEARS.

Liz is going to be away the weekend of the Glucoseachesterdrawrs weekend. I hope to get up there for Sunday and a few beers at a place I can't remember the name of. I think that will be my only travelling race this year.