Monday, September 24, 2007

I am a technology moran.

The internet police here a Deathnic have cracked down again and taken away our ability to stream audio and video. Don't care about the video but I can't stand my office being so quiet. I sit in the center of the building. No windows, and a lot of electrical interference. Over the air radio is useless.

I brought in a couple fairly good radios a Grundig 300 mini radio and a Realistic DX-390 both were unable to receive anything but the local frequency abusers. Undeterred I decided that I'd try satellite radio and iPod to keep the music and news flowing.

Friday afternoon I went to Circuit City to pick up a Sirius radio, Nano and a dock that worked with both. Circuit City was staffed by idiots and didn't have the receiver and had no idea what the iPods cost. I went down the road to Best Buy and picked up everything I wanted (at the same price CC offered after mail-in rebates).

Once home I decided to play with the iPod first. No go. Our G5 cannot handle the awesome technology of the base model new Nano. Tonight I will be buying a new operating system for Mrs. M. I'm a bit pissed that the 'puter will not handle the latest iTunes and iPod.

The radio works great in the office though. I had a few signal losses but found a better place for the antenna and am having fun with the radio.


Bob said...

Our fire wall on the man's I-net at work is bizarre. I think it blocks at random. is blocked, anything w. guns is blocked, but all the porn e-mails come right on in. If I need something blocked, I just use a Chines proxy server and it come thru no problemo. No biggie, as i refrain from the one hand typing at work anyway.

Il Bruce said...

I had a chinese proxy girlfriend once but don't know what a chines proxy server is.

Like a sed I need to get a brane. I am a moran.