Monday, December 15, 2008

The first ever il Bruce race report!

photo pinched from Solobreak

I did not race, nor shall I ever race again, at the Ice Weasel Cometh race Saturday. I was in attendance to support the Nega-Coach MSPCA initiative. It turns out that as Pucci says, bike racers are cheap pricks. There were few takers for the bargain Nega-Coaching offer. Their loss.

I had a great time at the race. There were fewer entitled racer types than I have seen lately. Maybe it was the end of season party nature of the race that kept the mood so enjoyable. It was a party with a bike race rather than a bike race with a party. Make sense?

It turns out that the course was at Doc Raymond’s house. I did not know the good doctor but he tended to my mother in law’s medical care for many years as well as that of my wife. Mom in law, who as you may know, is a cyclist and cyclocross fan, was tickled pink to have a race in her neighborhood. She and number two Dad enjoyed themselves as well.

The course made imaginative use of the limited area. Quite impressive. It took me a few laps of watching before I got a grasp of what was going on. Course designers have a gift I don’t have to see possibilities in terrain. I read a bit of criticism of courses but never any from people who have had to figure out where to put the tape.

I turned out to be a cold but gorgeous winter afternoon. It was warm enough to have a few beers without getting chilled. (A tot or two of Wild Turkey helped).

I have no idea what transpired on the course. I yelled at the few people I knew racing, primarily Solobreak and the wonderful Giulia. The rest of the time was spent visiting with old friends and making a couple new friends. No better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The apr├Ęs cross was fun too. Liz met us over at her parent’s house for dinner and tales from our celebrity guest. It was easily one of the most enjoyable afternoons of the season. Thanks to IBC, the Raymond family, SB and all the bike geeks for a good time.


solobreak said...

You are still going to have to do a "race report" after D2R2 next year.

Il Bruce said...

Been looking at frames.

solobreak said...

I noticed on Harris that Giant has some carbon bikes that take long reach brakes, at least they did up until last year. I think they are designated C2. I don't think I'd go that route but I'd like to see one to eyeball the clearance and see just how light it is.