Monday, December 29, 2008

Sloth, gluttony and drunkenness

That about sums it up. Since getting an infection this summer I have been virtually completely inactive. I was well on my way to sloth before I got sick but since then I have been inert.

Nega-Coach has coaxed me into doing a very hilly, tough ride in August. He’s even outlined a basic plan for getting ready. I am, for the first time, intimidated by my bike. I have never approached cycling with any sort of plan or goal. I would ride when I wanted to and if I felt good I’d ride a bit more or harder. The problem lately though is I never feel like riding.

I have gotten so heavy that I just feel awful on a bike.

I ordered a new frame Friday and will be selling my Pista and probably my Surly frameset to make room and defray cost. While the bike is not solely for the August endeavour it has been spec’ed with the ride in mind. I hope the outlay of cash as well as having the goal out in the open will prod me into action. I am really afraid of failure.

Wish me luck and go for a ride with me.


solobreak said...

Maybe I should start --

Because you're intimidated

Murat Altinbasak said...

Do it. I'll go ahead and launch:
"Over-use-injury Coach"
Because hilly 5 hour zone 3 rides in December pay huge dividends in August.

Il Bruce said...

I'll be fine. I have been such a load that doing anything will be a big change.

I'll need a few more beers to get into the root of the insecurity.

solobreak said...

You'll be killin' it on the downhills...

Il Bruce said...

I thought you were my friend.

Michele said...

Is it D2R2? Awesome ride. Best of luck with your training.

Il Bruce said...

D2R2 it is.

I weighed my self yesterday on one of our shipping scales. I think I weigh roughly 2 Michelles.

Lots of work to do.

Brendan said...

Are you doing the metric or the 100+ at D2R2?

What model/size Surly are you selling? And what size is that Pista. Been debating picking up a dedicated fixed if the price is right.

Il Bruce said...

Metric for me.

58cm Surly.

59cm Pista. On Prov Craigslist now at $450. Price negotiable.

Brendan said...

Bummer, too big/long in the TT for me on both.

Il Bruce said...

I am sort of tall but have orangutan arms.