Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I am a pound lighter than what I weighed last May. The scale at work has me at 220 fully clothed. I was 232 in January of 2009. I gained some weight back this winter. I was down to 217 last summer.

I rode with FNF and Les on Sunday and was an anchor to them but I am going a lot better than I was last Feb/March.

I don't feel like I am fighting my bike but the hills still waste me.

No number goals this year just a goal to feel better and better on the bike and match my Charlestown TT time from 10 years ago.


solobreak said...

Hey it's only March and you're already on the way. 199? The good news is that if you have low power and high weight, both are easy to improve and the benefit is tremendous. In other words, you'll feel a huge difference as you improve your power while simultaneously reducing weight, and that's very motivating, especially when teamed with improving weather. Very rosey outlook. Then we'll get you in the wind tunnel...

Murat Altinbasak said...

Nothing a few weekly 5 hour rides can't fix right quick! Epic rides + no feasting afterwards = caloric deficit = lean and fast il Bruce. You are already doin it hoss.